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3 Tips To Grow Your Money In A Short Span Of Time

Money Growth
  • Tip 1: Spend less than what you earn – Always prefer setting up a limited budget. That is the secret to all successful businesses. The limitation on your budget forces you to work and sell harder for a larger cash inflow. The only point which will stop you is lack of money, so your primary initial effort would be on bringing cash rather than spending more.
  • Tip 2: Never plan too much – Unless you enter the market, you wont realize mistakes you might come across and from those mistakes will you learn how to manage money better.goSpending too much time on over planning will lead to loss of time and a loss of managing skills which you may learn otherwise.
  • Tip 3: Get workable as soon as possible – Never waste much time in having experts, focus groups, and long and expensive business plans. You should know what is the best to serve the market which would enable you to fetch double returns even if it involves repetition.

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  1. I agree that one of the best ways to have a lot of money is to spend less than you earn. I like to think about what are some of things that I could change in order to save a few dollars here and there. However, I think that you shouldn’t wait to enjoy life just because you want to have money later on. After all, money is designed to be spent, not to be sitting in an account doing nothing.

    • Hi Scott, The best way to have a lot of money is to make more money. Period. “I became a billionaire by saving money in my checkings account”, said no man ever.

      When we refer to save money, we refer to one’s disposable income. When we introduce the power of compounding to the propensity of money that we can save, miracles take place in terms of wealth!

      I agree to your point that the goal of making money is to enjoy it. However the point of saving is to be prepared for a future uncertainty. The uncertainty can be in any form such as a medical emergency or a sudden desire to buy a big house or starting your own business.

      Therefore budgeting it is important to balance the enjoyment part and the savings part

      Happy Savings! Happy Investing! Subscribe to our blog and stay updated so that we can have more of such enlightening conversations


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