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Valentines Day Special

valentines day

Valentine’s Day is probably celebrated almost everywhere in the world today. This is a day which is celebrated not only by couples but anyone who is in love , who has feelings , who cares and who has a rich bonding with anything and everything . It can be a bond shared between a dog and his master or a bond between a toy and a child . Love is also another name of care, because when we care we protect them , when we protect we invest time in them.

So what are your plans for this Valentines Day?

What has your girlfriend demanded this time?

Oh! Your wife must be expecting a diamond ring isn’t it?

Valentine’s Day is one of those golden opportunity days each year where a little effort goes a long way. So why not make these efforts from day one .

Here are few tips to make this day a Hassel free moment each year and spread smiles:
Financial checklist also includes investments in SIP. Long term planners always need big fund. Working couple should always keep 8-10% of their earnings aside and use it for investing in SIP or directly in the share market. Investing in SIP through mutual fund is always recommended. However if couple is young they can invest more in equities as compared to SIP. Invest small part in balanced funds or debt. As you grow older shift from equities to balanced funds or debt.

Gold acts as a hedge against equity and during volatile times. Gold ensures your risks in the financial markets are hedged. Also the prices of the paper gold is derived based on the current gold prices in the market and hence it is as similar to buying or investing in a Gold fund.”

You should also take proper term insurance cover for yourself to secure your child against any unforeseen event. Though these things do happen, but the probability or chances of happening such events would be low or cannot be quantified.


Advisors and experts often mention that equity mutual funds are idle for investments as they provide long term capital gains and some schemes especially the ones under ELSS category qualify for tax rebate. This tax saving instrument which gives a tax benefit upto Rs.150,000 per annum as per current IT rules. It has the shortest lock in period of just three years when compared to other instruments like NSC and PPF.
If young couple has not purchased insurance then this is the first thing they should do since premiums are less and coverage is more. All your insurance needs are solved by term insurance. If both are working then you should buy term insurance.

So hope you will make a wise decision in your investment plans to make this day a memorable moment . Because if you care ,you love and if you love , you protect. Save Insure Invest for a happy and a secured future.

Wishing you all a very Happy Valentines Day !

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