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Retirement Income & the Conventional Portfolio

Retirement Income & the Conventional Portfolio

Experiencing negative returns early in retirement could deplete your portfolio quickly. For this, you might want a couple of strategies to help mitigate this concern.


It is required to have a pool of very liquid assets to fund two-to-three years of retirement spending which could help you from selling long term assets at an inopportune time. Through time, and depending on market conditions, you might have the opportunity to replenish this cash reserve using gains from your retirement portfolio


Another complementary strategy is to integrate annuities. This could help you to shift the risk of market volatility off your shoulders.

The guarantees of an annuity contract depend on the issuing company’s claims-paying ability. Annuities have contract limitations, charges & fees (including account and administration fees), investment management fees, mortality and expenses fees and charges for optional benefits. Most of the annuities have surrender fees which usually are highest if you take out money in initial years of the annuity contract.

Withdrawals and income payments are taxed as ordinary income. If withdrawal is made prior to age 59, a 10% federal income tax penalty applies (unless an exception applies).

Until retirement portfolio optimization largely focuses on blending different classes in appropriate measure to create optimal portfolios.
But in retirement, investors need to integrate different retirement investment vehicles to manage risk and enhance income.

The addition of variable annuity with a guaranteed minimum withdrawal benefits retirement portfolios increases total income while it decreases risk.

A successful retirement is so much more than undertaking sound investment strategies. Also requires understanding sequence of returns, danger and taking measures to mitigate risk.


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