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Facts Of Retirement

Facts Of Retirement

Having a peaceful life after retirement is a dream everyone wish to have right?

Retirement could have multiple meanings depending on person to person. For a few it might relate to travel and explore places with their family members or for others it may be starting a new business or any other Retirement goal of that matter.

For all these goals you wish to accomplish- Let’s have a look on a few surprising facts about retirement.

  • Successful retirement planning requires consistent savings to provide for a time when income is no longer generated from your job.
  • Seniors aged 75 and above spend a lot time seeing TV, on average about 5 hours a day.
  • You’ll still pay (some) income tax in retirement
  • Many people are not confident that retirement will be comfortable
  • Many people have little or no retirement savings
  • Most of them are worried about healthcare costs in retirement
  • Healthcare costs in retirement can be massive
  • Your retirement may last much longer than you expect

You can improve your future financial stability

  • Save aggressively and invest effectively
  • Work a little longer
  • Be strategic about social security

Four Retirement Myths

  • Your monthly expenses will decrease when you retire.
  • You don’t earn enough to save for retirement
  • You can rely on social security
  • You need a very huge amount to retire.

So take a step today to have a peaceful retirement without having tensions all the way long after your retirement and also achieve all your goals of retirement by following the three basic keys-



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