Traits of Successful Investors

Investing is an art and any benefit coming from your investment is termed as ‘returns’. It is very important to know the art of investing and have proper knowledge about it. Apart from that, investors should have various traits/habits for successful investing. 1. Be a learner You should spend more time learning than actually investing, it is rightly said that knowledge has the power to conquer the world. In this case not the world, but definitely the market, you can rule the market if you have skills and knowledge about it. 2. Always have a well defined strategy Investors believe in planning out everything, planning makes everything better. You should have a well defined investment strategy. You have to identify your investment style according to your risk appetite and goals. 3. Determinat...

The Mantras to Multibaggers

Quality of Promoters Promoters are the ones fully responsible for managing and overseeing the day to day operational activities of the company. A company can experience growth and longevity only if the promoters of the company are of qualified and above average in managing the business affairs.Hence a quality check on the promoters of the business is a must while considering investment.

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